Bianco-Bianco Restaurant


Busca objetos, pistas, resuelve puzzles y monta las mesas del restaurante italiano Bianco-Bianco ... solución.

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Mayala 21 septiembre, 2016  

Guia del juego "Restaurant bianco-bianco"

Video solución

Roberto Italia 23 septiembre, 2016  


Click the chalkboard left of the door, we need chalk to fill in the numbers per letter.
Going left …

Click D-table, an empty lighter on top left chair.

Click E-table, click the wall at top left chair for B-number and a chisel on the floor.

Click F-table, click the box, take the pen and click it’s end to make it longer.

Click A-table, use chisel on the box, get the liquid oil-tube (open it, click the opening … it’s closed). Click the lid of the box to turn it, see A-number (white) and E-number (red).

Click B-table, below it is D-number.
Click the painting on the wall for F-number, on top is a hook.
Check it, it will be used as screwdriver.

Click C-table, click the socket, use hook/sd, take the chalk, see a clue.
Zoom out, use the pen to get glasses off the ceiling.
Click red box on the wall, see shapes clue. Lift it’s bottom for C-number.

Back to the chalkboard.
Fill in the numbers with the chalk.
Put on the glasses … click the chalkboard, do the math. (spoiler below).

Zoom in on the ‘safe’ right side of the door.
Fill in the numbers. Open the safe.
Sort of remove the items by clicking them, (they’re put on the tables now).
Zoom in again.
See a pattern of 9 purple and red numbers.

Go left twice, click the beam up high (restaurant).
Note 12 buttons. Use the pattern on them.
1 means give 1 button that colour, 2 means give 2 buttons that colour.
The bars lift and the candles can be lit.

Click F-flag up high, there’s a small white shining hotspot.
Click it, use the liquid oil-tube on it, it’s open now.
About item the lighter, click oil-tube and click the blue part.
Open the lighter and turn it on .

Light the candles … zoom in again and take the doorkey.

Roberto Italia 23 septiembre, 2016  


as socket shows, do square times square,
the order of the numbers is on the red box at the wall above C-table.

pattern for buttons:
1 pu, 1 red, then 2 buttons purple, 1 red, etc etc.

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