Submachine 10: The Exit


Submachine 10: The Exit
Explora, recolecta objetos y resuelve puzzles para conseguir escapar del último episodio de la serie Submachine creada por Mateusz Skutnik en 2005 ... solución.

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MegaGamerPRO 22 diciembre, 2015  

La solución???

COASARES 22 diciembre, 2015  

Muy buenos juegos los de Mateusz.... ingeniosos sin duda... pero muy difíciles... y sin solución... hay mamáaaaa.......}

COASARES 22 diciembre, 2015  

Muy buenos juegos los de Mateusz.... ingeniosos sin duda... pero muy difíciles... y sin solución... hay mamáaaaa.......}

Unknown 22 diciembre, 2015  

Buenas! En la pagina de Escape Games 24 hay la solución en ingles

MegaGamerPRO 23 diciembre, 2015  

Alguien sabe donde se puede enccontrar la solución de este juego?. El que sabe donde está la solución por favor ponga un link

Mayala 23 diciembre, 2015  

El juego es bastante largo, yo me he tardado como tres horas.

Video solución

Mousey 25 diciembre, 2015  

Aqui esta la solucion que estara dividida en 3 partes, hasta ahora publique la parte 1 y 2

Parte 1:

Parte 2:

Parte 3: Pronto!

Roberto Italia 26 diciembre, 2015

Es el link para la solucion escrita en ingles, por supuesto!! Que disfruten y aprovechen!

Roberto Italia 28 diciembre, 2015  

Part 1

Go right 6x, climb ladder, grab LIGHT SPHERE.
Go down, 2x R, put SPHERE in its receptacle and click to be beamed through the wall.
R, U, L, these levers control the ladder. It will be in front of 1 of the four pedestals; use lever 3 to access the spaceship.
Go up into the spaceship; there's no power but you can retrieve the SHIP ID.
Back through the wall, upstairs and 3x R. put ID in machine, get BOTTLE FUSE. Also pick up BACKPACK from under the docking schedule.
Go through the wall, 2x L and down; place FUSE and push handle.

Power is now on in the spaceship. Explore. L, U, and L is a machine w/ levers that add vector lines to a display. Continue U & R, pick up a DOOR VALVE.
Back to where you started; R, U, and L is the captain's chamber, inaccessible now; further on a panel that needs a battery.
Back down, R, up past the spacesuit and left to pick up a LADDER PISTON. Go right to use your DOOR VALVE.
Continue R, hover your mouse in space to see the glowing blue portal; click on it to jump to a new place.

Go down twice, click cover then ladder to go down some more. In the hole is something you can't reach. Unbar the door and enter stairs to come out by statue of St. Christopher.
On your right is a world-machine which can take you to 8 different places. The bottom button is the 'GO' button; any combination of the top 3 will take you to a different world.

World 000 is where you are now.
World 100: the Storage units.
World 010: Drill and caves.
World 001: has Egyptian themes.
World 110: The Mansion.
World 011: Metal globes.
World 101: Purple platforms.
World 111: The white stone house.

1st, go to 101, turn R, push in piston to bring down ladder. Go left 3x to find the 1st VECTOR FINDER. R 3x; put your LADDER PISTON in the device, click and climb up. Go R, collect PIC 1 from the wall, R again to find portal, go through to get COIL. You can't go any farther here yet. Head to 100, the Storerooms.

At the storerooms, go down 2x, L 3x. Enter Unit 32/1.

The storerooms are all in strange loops, and it is hard to find all the rooms. You have to go several times in each direction to be sure. When you see red pipes leading to the front, you can click down to exit.
In 32/1, one room has KARMA FUSE 1; another has VECTOR FINDER 2; one has a place to install 4 fuses; another a panel with a red light.
Exit and go 5x R, 2x down to 33/1. Find Karma Fuse 2, LOOP STABILIZER 1. Go up and R to 33/2.
33/2 has KARMA FUSE 3. Exit and once R to 33/3.
Here, find a box that has a switch which can point to 1, 2, or 3 dots. Switch it to 1, then find the #1 box and turn its switch. Do the same for 2 and 3. Now turn the switch to the bottom, and look, and keep looking, until you find the open hatch with LOOP STABILIZER 2. While you're here get a DOCUMENT piece from the wall.
Exit and go up to 33/4. Here find KARMA FUSE 4, PIC 2, LONG STICK, and 2 devices with handles (different rooms); moving these handles opens a panel in another room, get LOOP STABILIZER 3.

Go back to 32/1, install FUSES in box. Then find the other box and get LOOP STABLIZER 4.

Back to 33/2, place your LOOP STABILIZERS in the 4 slots around the circular door, creating a portal.

Roberto Italia 28 diciembre, 2015  

Part 2

Now let's go to world 010. go 3x L and get DRILL CLAMP HANDLE. Return to the drill, install your HANDLE and click both handles so they release the drill. Go once L to flip a lever and back right again to pull the rope handle down and operate the drill. Then you can descend.
Down and to your right is a place with a 'range confirmator' already installed. We need to find 2 more to open the hatch in the lower right. Pick up the AIR LOCK HANDLE from that place. Go out to the surface and 3 R; there is a cave in the red rock, go down to find RANGE CONFIRMATOR 1, and the lever for the hatch, once you get the confirmators in place.
Return to the tunnels under the drill; use your HANDLE on the hatch to the bottom left. Enter and find RANGE CONFIRMATOR 2. Go out and find the slots for both; return to the red cave and flip the lever; return to the hatch in the tunnels to find it open. Go down to a new portal; enter to find yourself on a rooftop. Go right and pick up the FORCE FIELD PLASMA CANISTER. Continue R and through the wall and down to find LADDER STEP 1, and some lasers we can't turn off yet. Also get another DOCUMENT page.

Return to the world-machine and go to 001. go R 2x to see an obelisk on which you need to set 4 symbols. L & up, grab a HIEROGLYPH PIC off the wall. L & up again, another H.PIC. Down; left of the world-machine is a place to install a large cog. L-D-L, is the Anubis head. Also there is another one down right. Clicking on either, sometimes once, sometimes twice, will teleport you from one head to the other.

Go to world 111. Go 3x L to get H.PIC 3. Return and go R 3x for LADDER STEP 2.

Go to 110. Enter the door on the left and take the DOCUMENT page. Read about the telescope and microscope, then look in both to see the same image. Go downstairs and take the AAA BATTERY from beneath the staircase. Go R and get VECTOR FINDER 3.
L-U-R-D-2xR brings you to another door. Enter it to see the cluttered doorway; remove things one by one till it is clear. Enter and turn on the blue light if you wish. Go left, enter 2 more doors, go L and get VECTOR FINDER 4 from inside desk.
Go back out to the grey hallway; R and down the stairs to another door, enter, go L, get a DOCUMENT page, enter door. See bull statue on left.
Back out, 2x R, enter door, go R for VECTOR FINDER 5. Turn switch, see that it behaves much like the other blue light upstairs.
Back out, L and in the final door. Place all 5 VECTOR FINDERS in the receptacles with red lights. This creates another portal. Go through, and click up and left to find a hidden ledge; continue left to find 2 metal grates you can remove to enter the pipes. The R-hand pipe leads to a pod with a PLASMA CHARGE in it. To the right of that, a wheel that isn't working.
The L-hand pipe goes R to a laser screen which you can turn off; continue R to find BLOCKADE REMOVAL TOOL. L-U-L to another PLASMA CHARGE (2).
Back out and L again to find PIC 3.
Reenter the other pipe, go to the 'ladder shunt' area (4 directions, but only 2 accessible). Use your REMOVAL TOOL; now you can move the wheel. Go down and right.
R, D again, get LADDER STEP 3. Go up to find another wheel you can turn.
D-2xL-D-L, get KARMA VIAL. 2XR, get HATCH VALVE. If your inventory starts looking cluttered, put some of these things in your backpack.
To get out of here, you have to turn the 2nd wheel 3x, then go to the 1st wheel and turn it 3x. Go on past the world-machine to the far right, climb up, place your HATCH VALVE on the hatch. Through this hatch and R is where your plasma charges will go, but you need one more.

Go to 011, D-4xR-U-2xR-D-in pipe-3x left. The larger green blob is PLASMA CHARGE 3.

Return to the hatch in 110. Place CHARGES and switch off lasers. To the right is a switch on a computer screen, make the ball go left. This closes the hatch that let you in to the metal globe in 011.

Roberto Italia 28 diciembre, 2015  

Part 3

Go to 101, up and through the portal. Continue R then down till you see the place where LADDER STEPS need to go. Continue down and L, take ROOT PATH FINDER from lion statue. Go R, get LIGHT SPHERE 2, and continue R for another DOCUMENT.
We have a choice of places for the light sphere, but one of them is just upstairs from here, so let's use it there. Go R, open hatch for INSULATOR CAP, and go up to find SMALL COGWHEEL.
Before you leave this world, go left of the machine and get a 2-page DOCUMENT which I neglected to mention before.

Go to 011, D. 3xR, and into the breach in the pipe. Go L and down through the hole, place INSULATOR at the bottom of the triangle. Now you can switch the force field around and still get out. Go up and L to find a portal, through it to a white building. Go down, L, in door, up, find TELESCOPE TUBE. Back out and L again, find STONE GRAPE 1 in the yellow box. Enter door, find SKULL. Out, L, in and up, find a DOCUMENT. Out, L, in, find TELESCOPE HEAD. Open hatch to find a closed panel. Now go back out all the way to the switching device, switch again so you can go right. Enter the SHIVA globe; now there is a ladder down. Go down ladder & chain, then R to find LARGE COGWHEEL.

KARMA VIAL goes into the disabled machine in the bottom R of 001. Activate the machine and click the center until you get STONE GRAPE 2.
Put your LARGE COG in the machine that has 2 sm. Cogs on the sides. If it doesn't work, go move Anubis' head to go 'next door', so to speak, then it'll work. This reveals a new ladder D, U, & L to a portal. Go through and right; get LIGHT SPHERE 3.
Continue R; look in bathtub and get SMALL COGWHEEL 2. R once more, remove metal plates to find lever for ladder. Go up, L, through portal, R. Get a DOCUMENT, and place ROOT PATH FINDER in the wall to get a ladder going down.
Go down, get DATA TAPE.
Go back and look at your 3 GLYPH PICS. They show the order of the 4 symbols to set on the obelisk. Do so and nothing happens, but then go upstairs and take LARGE COGWHEEL 2. Install large and small COGWHEELS in the remaining (empty) device, and click. Then go find Anubis and cross over; there will be a new ladder down, leading to the PORTAL CHARGE.

Back to 101, go L, place GRAPES in empty places in statue. (This opens up a similar statue in 110.) Go R-U-L and enter door to place DATA TAPE. Back out; display now reads 'stabilizer standing by'.

Go to 011, switch again so you can enter portal on the L, go down and across to the last L door, enter to find that you have opened the panel here and can take PORTAL STABILIZER 1.

Go to 111, 2xR, D, L, install your LIGHT, pass through the wall. Take the MEDITATION GLYPH.
Go back upstairs, and just left of the world-machine, find a portal device and install your GLYPH.
Enter a place much like Submachine 9's lower levels (if you've played all these, you've already recognized many places from earlier games). Go L-in-up-in-L, place COIL in sm. machine. 2XL, find PORTAL STABILIZER 2.

Go to 110, then R-in-in-L-in-in-L. Place SKULL under lamp, remove EXPLORER'S CHIP. Go back out to the hallway, then R-D-R-in-L-in-L, take PORTAL STABILIZER 3 from statue. Go to the end of the hallway L from machine to place PLASMA CANISTER, creating a bridge into space.

Go to 000, 3xR-D-L-D-L. Install your PORTAL CHARGE and STABILIZERS. Click the piston to create a new portal.
Go R-D-L to find LIGHT SPHERE 4. Go up & R to find place for LIGHT SPHERE. Notice the symbols on the brick to the lower R. Go through-D-L, and enter the symbols you have on the remaining 4 PICS.

Go to 111, 2xL-D-L, take FORK.

Go to 000 & through portal again, down twice from sphere, place FORK where connection is broken. 2X up-L-through-2x down-R, flip the 3rd switch. Return to where you placed the fork, take new ladder down. Go L to find a DOCUMENT. Go through portal, then L until you find another DOCUMENT. L once more, go forward into the elevator and click the button.

Roberto Italia 28 diciembre, 2015  

Part 4:

Looks like Submachine 1, only red. Also – the portal disappeared. Go R to find UNLOCK LEVER. Then 2xD-R for a STONE WEIGHT. Flip the switch at the bottom of the ladder. Up 3x then L, flip another switch. Then go 2xR and take UNLOCK LEVER 2. Go L, notice the angle the arrow points to in the circle. Go down, 2x L, set this circle to the same angle. (Light on the upper circle will turn green.) Down once more, use WEIGHT on the little platform to open the box and take UNLOCK LEVER 3. U-2xR-D, take UNLOCK LEVER 4 from now-open device. Go R, there is a new portal behind glass. Use all 4 LEVERS and go through.
D-L, take 4 FUSES from box. U-L-U-2xR, get SPOON. L-2x up, get the final LIGHT SPHERE. 2xD-2xL, take VALVE WHEEL. L, take 2 PEARLS from clock. 2xR-3xD-R, take 4 CUBES. L-2xU-R-D-R-U, find portal. Go L-3xU, find portal in symbol, go through. Unbar the door and you're back in 000 near the machine.

Go to 100, Storage unit 32/2, find portal and enter the Loop.
Find the place with 2 speaker horns pointing opposite each other. Note the position of the blue lights on the bars. You need to line up the blue lights 1st with one speaker, then the other. There are 2 switch boxes, which you must find again and again to determine which position corresponds to what. When your lights are lined up, the single speaker will be lit up, and you can turn its switch. Turn both speaker switches, then find the box with 2 lights, now green, and collect a PLASMA COIL.
Back out, go to 33/3 (1 step R), find the pod-machine and put a FUSE in it.

Go to 110, R-in-in-L-in-in-R, place FUSE in pod.
Back out and go to portal, turn left and take the left pipe, R-U-R-U, put FUSE in pod.

Go to 111, 2xL-D-R, place FUSE in pod.

Go to 000, 2xL. Pod now open! Take EMPTY KARMA STABILIZER.

Roberto Italia 28 diciembre, 2015  

Part 5 FTW:

Go to 010, down the hatch, through the portal, to the laser screen. Click the ashtray to shake it out and place it in front of the scanner. Place EXPLORER's CHIP on it, then click the button on the wall. Go R, place STABILIZER in device, turn switch. Take back KARMA STABILIZER.

You can use this new thing anywhere in the game you see floating junk. Some places you'll find secrets; I'm not including the secrets in this walkthrough. I think they're all covered in comments by now.

Go to 110, to the far L where you built a bridge to nowhere. Use it there to create a portal, get TILE D. Also get METAL SPRING hidden behind the wires.

Go to 011 and enter the portal. Walk into the building but then go R, use STABILIZER to make a new road to the Garden. Get a DOCUMENT, then take portal to an island where you find PLASMA COIL 2.

Go to 000. 3 screens to the R, use it to create a portal, get TILE C. Go to the portal you created before, and go through 2 more to the art gallery area (or you can go backwards, through Submachine 1 and the red rooms). Then go to either edge, L or R, make portal, find TILE B.
Return to the world-machine, then L-3xU-Portal-2xL-in hatch-L-2xD-L-U-2xL, install BATTERY.
Go on down out of the ship, to just L of where you put the first light sphere. Use here to make a portal, go through to get TILE A.
Enter the building, go R-U-2xR-D, make walkway to a door that needs these TILES.
Go in, place 2 PLASMA COILS, look at screen, switch the ball. 2XL for a DOCUMENT. Then R-U-in-R-through portal, 2xR, get DOCUMENT. 3X up, don't click on the light! Go right, take FUSE; go L, get ID CARD. Then go back the way you came, up to the ship again. Go U-R-U-L, insert CARD, and go up 3x, taking a DOCUMENT along the way. Climb out on top and get a PORTABLE LIGHT CROWN.

Almost there!

Go to 110; take the portal and go 2xR. Put fuse in R pod; take LIGHT CROWN CONVERTER from the L one.

Go search for secrets now, because it's about to end. The unused items in your inventory are all for locating secrets.
Your last long walk. Go to 000 ad return through the tile door and up the ladder, to the place we got the ID card. Look right; place CONVERTER, then LIGHT CROWN, then SPHERE in the pod. Click the light and you're done, and can't return without replaying.

Three cheers for Mateusz Skutnik!


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guia submachine 10
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